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Why Do I Need to Keep Seeing My Doctor During My Claim for Social Security Disability Benefits,part 1

January 8, 2012

doctor.jpgWhen you file a claim for Social Security Disability benefits, either Supplemental Security Income [SSI] or Disability Insurance Benefits [SSDI or SSDIB] you must show the Social Security Administration that you are unable to work at least 12 months because of a "medically proven" physical or mental condition. Medically proven means that a doctor or other accepted medically trained person has diagnosed your condition(s).

In addition, you must establish that the medically proven condition continues to leave you unable to work. Your statements to the Social Security Administration are usually not enough unless your medical records also show the same symptoms and limitations you report. The best way to establish that you remain unable to work is to continue to see a doctor regularly and honestly report how you are feeling to your doctor see this topic part 2 for more information].